“How To Reach 500 Posts Without Knowing Where You’re Going”

Congratulations to The Well-Red Mage and all contributors for 500 thought provoking posts and many more to come. I am so happy to be a part of the team 😄.

The Well-Red Mage


Well, it’s happened, NPCs. I’ve become my father.

Today The Well-Red Mage blog reaches its 500th post, this post you’re reading right now! Nearly a fifth of all the articles that have appeared here are courtesy of contributors, so a massive debt of gratitude goes to our writing mages for enabling TWRM to reach this milestone. Thank you, all! Contributors, this achievement is yours.

Writing alongside other writers whose work inspires, challenges, and makes me think is a joy unlike any other. If I did this alone, I might have already given this up. It’s a lot of work to keep all this going and I surely envy the talent and enthusiasm with which the many other bloggers out there maintain their solo work with such consistency. I owe a lot to our contributors for stoking the flames, for brainstorming, for bring their own ideas to the table. TWRM

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