Elemental Challenge Day Thirty-One: Art

For the final day of the Elemental Challenge at The Well-Red Mage we all chose our favorite Artistic games. I think this is an important one to end on because I am a believer in Video Games being an art form and I think it is up to all of us to push this agenda and get the rest of the world on that same page. A movie, Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Music, are all considered art, but when it comes to the medium that brings them all together the majority of people classify it as something silly for children? That is not right in my opinion and I am sure in many of yours as well. So stop by and let us know your favorite Artistic games, mine is Child of Light, and thank you for following the challenge!

The Well-Red Mage


The image above represents almost infinite possibilities. A blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper, the reaches of imagination, however you interpret it the point is that it’s open to anything. That’s what art is. Today, on this final day of our 31-Day Elemental Challenge, we’re talking Art games.

I think the diverse answers below are indicative of the subjectivity of our responses toward art. The word “art” means different things to different people. Some think of the classics. Some think of the experimental. Some think of the modern. Some think of the Renaissance. Art is just a human activity through which we express ourselves. Are video games art? That question, and our affirmative answer to it, has historically formed the foundation of our work on this blog since our inception. It informs the reason why I don’t think writing thousands upon thousands of words about mere games is…

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