Elemental Challenge Day Twenty-Four: Metroidvania

Day 24 of the Elemental Challenge is Metroidvania! It's a genre I love but have not yet been able to play the games that originated it. My number 1 in this category is Guacamelee it is such an awesome game and I love the Dia De Los Muertos style of it. Another one I really enjoyed was Shadow Complex, what games are you fond of in this genre? Come let us know at The Well-Red Mage.

The Well-Red Mage


We’ve less than ten days left in our Elemental Challenge, NPCs! Let’s crank up the difficulty…

Today we’re talking about a hybrid sub-genre. It’s not a Metroid fusion or a Castlevania symphony, but put ’em together and what have you got? The portmanteau Metroidvania, one of the most poorly defined extant classifications in gaming. What makes a Metroidvania? Good question. I suppose if it plays like a classic Metroid game, or a classic Castlevania one (apparently to a lesser extent). We can get more technical than that: Metroidvanias come in the vein of action-adventure games and they usually share a few characteristics such as massive, labyrinthine, interconnected maps, progression through locked areas via securing upgrades for your character, some degree of backtracking, pseudo-non-linear gameplay, exploration/experimentation, and typically platforming. There are all kinds of redundancies and overlaps and clones haunting this sub-genre, but there are certainly some gems to hunt…

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