Elemental Challenge Day Eleven: Tactical

It’s day #11 of the Elemental Challenge at The Well-Red Mage. That means I got to mention one of my favorites! Chroma Squad. A hilarious power ranger inspired game with an incredibly fun tactical battle system.

The Well-Red Mage


Put on your thinking caps, here comes Day Eleven and Tactical games. For the purposes of today’s challenge, we’re lumping together TRPGs and SRPGs, using the terms Tactical and Strategy interchangeably (in the land of the rising sun these are known as Simulation RPGs/SRPGs, to make this more confusing). The general definitions seem to be that strategy refers to a plan of action put in place before battle whereas tactics refers to the implementation of that plan, putting it into action during battle. In gaming, the difference between these two terms is small enough to be almost moot since games in this vein often utilize planning prior to battle and tactics during battle. TRPGs (or SRPGs, if you like) emphasize turn-based combat and stat crunching like traditional RPGs (differentiating TRPGs from RTS games) but TRPGs add to that an emphasis on planning out battles, placement of characters/units, topography, the passing…

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