“How To Reach 500 Posts Without Knowing Where You’re Going”

Congratulations to The Well-Red Mage and all contributors for 500 thought provoking posts and many more to come. I am so happy to be a part of the team 😄.


Well, it’s happened, NPCs. I’ve become my father.

Today The Well-Red Mage blog reaches its 500th post, this post you’re reading right now! Nearly a fifth of all the articles that have appeared here are courtesy of contributors, so a massive debt of gratitude goes to our writing mages for enabling TWRM to reach this milestone. Thank you, all! Contributors, this achievement is yours.

Writing alongside other writers whose work inspires, challenges, and makes me think is a joy unlike any other. If I did this alone, I might have already given this up. It’s a lot of work to keep all this going and I surely envy the talent and enthusiasm with which the many other bloggers out there maintain their solo work with such consistency. I owe a lot to our contributors for stoking the flames, for brainstorming, for bring their own ideas to the table. TWRM

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Reviews of October (2017): Indies for days!

Check out the reviews of October on The Well Red Mage featuring my review of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. The version I played on Steam was virtually unplayable at many points, but if you can find a copy in some form that does not have the game breaking bugs it was actually a pretty fun game.

Ooh somebody get me a salve or a tincture for my aching head… the chocolate hangover is not to be trifled with! In the meanwhiles, I’ll progress my recovery by breaking down our adventures in the month of October. Theme of the month: “Indies for days!”

The previous month saw The Well-Red Mage beginning to stick our tentative toes in the unknown waters of review key requests, and that venture led us to an October full of amazing indie games. It was also a pleasure to be able to undergo this process of requesting keys on behalf of our contributors, who joined in the merrymaking by publishing reviews of their own based on the aforementioned keys.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and certainly it’s a great time for gaming with a lot of incredible games to play! Odyssey, for example, has really sucked me in. These are…

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Recent Pick Ups Spooktacular!

Well there admittedly isn’t all that much in the realm of horror and spookiness, but it is almost Halloween and one of my favorite items falls into that category so why not? It’s a Spooktacular! I had a couple of disappointments that I put some time into, but both of which were just stumbled across … Continue reading Recent Pick Ups Spooktacular!

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (2005)

Check out my review of Call of Cthulhu, a little bit of horror just in time for Halloween. Despite my low score I really did enjoy the game, it was the bugs that ruined it for me. Read now to see more of what I am talking about and let me know your opinion on the game!

That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.”
 -H.P. Lovecraft

mystic_knight1 “The following is a guest post by The Midnight Mystic Mage.”

It is hard to properly explain how disappointed I was with the game breaking bugs that I experienced on the Steam version of this game. I love the story and thought they did an amazing job adapting the works of Lovecraft into a video game. The gameplay wasn’t too bad itself but when it comes to bugs these are two of the most ridiculous ones I have ever encountered. The first one I was willing to find a work around so that I could press on but by the time I reached the second one that was so bad you literally could not get past it without a patch or some sort of save I just said…

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Reviews of September (2017): Press Pass

Check out the reviews of September on The Well-Red Mage featuring my review of Day of the Tentacle (Remastered)!

So much time, so little to do… Scratch that. Reverse it.

I feel like I’m busier than ever working away at this labor of love yet the mounting pressure of deadlines hasn’t completely passed me over. As we step into October and Autumn, that lovely time of year, we here at The Well-Red Mage have had the opportunity to reach out to publishers and developers in order to begin reviewing upcoming and new releases. It’s certainly been an exciting crunch time! That’s why I’ve called the retrospective theme of September “Press Pass”.

So what are we sitting around lollygagging for? There are places to go, people to see!

1Ve3maF As always, it was a joy and a pleasure to work with our team of contributors. Four of them had their debut this month, the Iron Mage (on YouTube as Iron Mage) spearheading with his insight on proto-RPG Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest

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“The Grimoire of Games as Art (or Not)”

Are video games art? Come let us know your opinion on the topic and read the thoughts of the mages while you are at it!


Monday just got better, NPCs!

Is the above picture art? What if it appeared in a video game? Would that make the game art or would that just be an artistic aspect within otherwise non-art? As promised in the original post, Asking Big Questions #002: “Are video games art?”, here is a collection of responses from the mages themselves. I’m grateful for every personality on this team of quality contributors. They are the lifeblood of The Well-Red Mage: differences in discussion. We believe in transparent conversation here, even when we disagree. And what disagreement we’ve had! Don’t forget, dear reader, that this talk of games as art originally occurred among us in the secret laboratories where we mages congregate. Now each mage gets the chance to spill their guts and explain their piece.

These are the responses we’ve collected, in order of seniority. If you disagree with any…

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Day of the Tentacle Remastered (2016)

Check out my review of Day of the Tentacle (Remastered) on The Well-Red Mage. It is a cartoony, goofy, point and click adventure game by LucasArts and remastered by Double Fine. If you think that sounds up your alley then read my review and maybe go check it out!

dot1 Also referred to as Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”
-William Feather

mystic_knight1 “The following is a guest post by The Midnight Mystic Mage.”

Day of the Tentacle (originally released in 1993) is a game that I had not played before this remastered version. However the beautiful animation that was almost like a 90’s cartoon come to life and the silly humor were more than enough to keep me hooked from beginning to end. I’ll come right out and say it, I had to use a walkthrough for this game. Some of the puzzles were incredibly tough and I have no shame in throwing that out there. It did not take away from my overall enjoyment of the game though, in fact I liked it so much that I have changed my…

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Reviews of August (2017): Diversity of Thought

Check out the Reviews of August on The Well-Red Mage featuring my review of Herbert West—Reanimator, the chilling tale of bringing the dead back to life by the legendary H.P. Lovecraft.

August was in a lot of ways a month of firsts for us here at The Well-Red Mage. As time implacably marches on, I feel in a lot of ways as if I’m discovering what this is all about as it’s happening, like a kind of lucid dream I’m aware of as it executes and I move through its ether. I’m not afraid, though. I know that in that impenetrable, multicolored mist we call “the future” there lie dangers and snares, but contentment with today and aspirations for tomorrow will carry this mage onward.

Additionally, I have friends with me all the way. Our band of merry mages keeps on swelling and there’s been a distinct rise in requests to join in contributing from individuals of all backgrounds. I’m having to raise the standards for newcomers and going forward I know I won’t be able to take on every…

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Herbert West – Reanimator (1922)

Check out my review of Herbert West—Reanimator on The Well-Red Mage. It turned out more like a set of Cliff’s Notes, so be prepared for complete spoilers if you intend to give it a read.


“Everybody’s a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We’re all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos.”
-David Cronenberg

 “The following is a guest post by The Midnight Mystic Mage.”

Well it has been a while since my last book review and I have had the pleasure of finishing an old classic by my favorite author, so what better time than now to continue with another? This is not a novel but more of a serialized novella, but I still think it is good choice of one to cover here for the blog.

The Re-Animator movies were probably the most famous direct adaptations of Lovecraft stories. There were three in total, I have only seen the first one and found it to be a bit too over the top for my personal tastes. It was a horror/comedy type movie…

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Elemental Challenge Day Thirty-One: Art

For the final day of the Elemental Challenge at The Well-Red Mage we all chose our favorite Artistic games. I think this is an important one to end on because I am a believer in Video Games being an art form and I think it is up to all of us to push this agenda and get the rest of the world on that same page. A movie, Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Music, are all considered art, but when it comes to the medium that brings them all together the majority of people classify it as something silly for children? That is not right in my opinion and I am sure in many of yours as well. So stop by and let us know your favorite Artistic games, mine is Child of Light, and thank you for following the challenge!


The image above represents almost infinite possibilities. A blank canvas, an empty sheet of paper, the reaches of imagination, however you interpret it the point is that it’s open to anything. That’s what art is. Today, on this final day of our 31-Day Elemental Challenge, we’re talking Art games.

I think the diverse answers below are indicative of the subjectivity of our responses toward art. The word “art” means different things to different people. Some think of the classics. Some think of the experimental. Some think of the modern. Some think of the Renaissance. Art is just a human activity through which we express ourselves. Are video games art? That question, and our affirmative answer to it, has historically formed the foundation of our work on this blog since our inception. It informs the reason why I don’t think writing thousands upon thousands of words about mere games is…

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